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Recreational Women’s Soccer Discussion at the SCORES #SoccerSummit

Join us at the December 2020 America SCORES Bay Area #SoccerSummit to discuss Women’s Recreational Soccer Leagues! You can register for access to the live “Recreational Women’s Soccer Leagues” session at 11am on December 8th, and access the replays at your convenience!

Take a look at the list of speakers scheduled for December 4th and December 7th to 11th, 2020 and learn more about their event: “Building, Empowering, & Strengthening Women & Girls Through Soccer.”

Soccer promotes positive life lessons.

America SCORES Bay Area knows that the Beautiful Game provides great health benefits for women and girls but it also provides a variety of other advantageous attributes including building strong independent leaders, establishing more social interaction for improving collaboration and connectivity, increasing self-esteem and confidence on and off the pitch, plus much much more!
Our diverse group of incredible speakers from the soccer community will be sharing their experiences and knowledge on a multitude of topics that pertain to the betterment and growth of women and girls through soccer!