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Women’s Recreational Soccer Tournaments in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  Sort by tournament name, date, month,  field format, location, age divisions. 30+ O30, 35+ O35, 40+ O40, 45+ O45, 50+ O50, 55+ O55, 57+ O57, 58+ O58, 60+ O60, 65+ O65, 70+ O70.

Soccer Women Tournaments - US and Global

Ages 30 and Older Recreational Women's Soccer Tournaments, edited July 2021
Tournament NameWebsiteSort by MonthStart dateEnd DateLocationState / CountryAge 30+Age 40+Age 50+Age 60+Age 70+Format
Giannetti Cup Orange County WSL 2022LINK02 (Feb)02/05/202202/06/2022Orange County, CACA30+40+50+60+67+11v11 / 8v8 for 60+, 67+
Palm Desert Senior Games 2022LINK02 (Feb)02/09/202202/10/2022Palm Desert, CACA35-4950+11v11
Barry Bauder Memorial 2022LINK03 (Mar)03/xx/202203/xx/2022Aldergrove, BCCanada30+11v11
Score for a Cure 2022(indoor)LINK03 (Mar)03/xx/202203/xx/2022Plymouth, MAMA30+40+6 v 6 indoor
Visalia Senior Games 2022LINK03 (Mar)03/xx/202203/xx/2022Visalia, CACA50+8v8
Calgary Women's Spring Cup 2022LINK04 (Apr)04/xx/202204/xx/2022Calgary, ABCanada30+40+
Friendship Sports, Women's I 2022LINK04 (Apr)04/xx/202204/xx/2022Las Vegas, NVNV30+40+, 45+50+, 55+60+, 65+70+11v11
Friendship Sports, Women's II 2022LINK04 (Apr)04/xx/202204/xx/2022Las Vegas, NVNV30+40+11v11
Sacramento Sports for Life 2022LINK04 (Apr)04/xx/202204/xx/2022Sacramento, CACA50+, 55+60+, 65+11v11
National Senior Games 2022LINK05 (May)05/19/202205/22/2022Fort Lauderdale, FLFL50+60+ 65+8v8
Carolinas Cup 2022LINK05 (May)05/xx/202205/xx/2022Charleston, SCSC30+40+50+60+8v8
Barcelona Football 7s Walking Soccer 2022LINK05 (May)05/xx/202205/xx/2022Lloret de Mar, SpainSpain50+60+7v7 Walking
Bay Area Senior Games 2022LINK05 (May)05/xx/202205/xx/2022San Francisco, CACA50+8v8
Festival of the Babes 2022LINK05 (May)05/xx/202205/xx/2022TBDUSA7v7
Mallorca Amateurx NOT PROMOTING DUE TO SEXIST MARKETING x05 (May)05/xx/202205/xx/2022Mallorca, SpainSpain35+5v5
Round Rock WSL 7v7 2022LINK05 (May)05/xx/202205/xx/2022Round Rock, TXTX30+40+50+60+7v7
Serenity Soccer Fest 2022LINK05 (May)05/xx/202205/xx/2022Walnut, CACA30+40+50+, 57+63+7v7
Tournoi Soccer Senior 2022LINK05 (May)05/xx/202205/xx/2022Montreal, CanadaCanada30+8v8
Valley Cup SVWSL 2022LINK05 (May)05/xx/202205/xx/2022Sacramento, CACA30+40+50+60+11v11, 8v8
Vernon Oldtimer's Tournament 2022LINK05 (May)05/xx/202205/xx/2022Vernon, BCCanada35+40+45+50+
Walking Soccer UK World Cup 2022LINK05 (May)05/xx/202205/xx/2022Manchester, EnglandEngland40+50+6v6 walking
San Antonio Fiesta 44th Annual Tournament 2022LINK05 (Jun)06/xx/202206/xx/2022San Antonio, TXTX3040+11v11
USASA Region 3 Soccer is Life 2022LINK06 (Jun)06/xx/202206/xx/2022Murfreesboro, TNTN30+40+ 45+50+ 55+60+7v7
Fairfax Pine Ridge Tournament 2022LINK06 (Jun)06/xx/202206/xx/2022Fairfax, VAVA30+40+50+11v11
Goals for Life 2022LINK06 (Jun)06/xx/202206/xx/2022Bloomfield, NJNJ30+40+11v11
Guelph Games Canada Master's Championships 2022LINK06 (Jun)06/xx/202206/xx/2022Guelph, OntarioCanada30+40+50+60+
Sonoma Wine Country Games 2022LINK06 (Jun)06/xx/202206/xx/2022Santa Rosa, CACA50+, 55+60+, 65+8v8
Stadi Cup 2022LINK06 (Jun)06/xx/202206/xx/2022Helsinki, FinlandFinland30+7v7
Donosti Masters Cup 2021LINK07 (Jul)07/02/202107/04/2021Donosti - San SebastianSpain30+7v7
Soccer Academy Residential Camp 2021LINK07 (July)07/07/202107/11/2021Centreville, VAVA21+ 30+40+50+60+70+Training
SoccerFest USASA 2021 (Veterans Cup)LINK07 (Jul)07/09/202107/11/2021Milwaukee, WIWI30+40+50+60+, 65+70+11v11, 7v7
Safe Haven Women's Charity Tournament 2021FB LINK07 (Jul)07/31/202108/01/2021Bethany, CTCT30+40+50+30+ 11v11
40+ 7v7
50+ 7v7
Zama 49th Invitational 2021FB LINK07 (Jul)07/31/202107/31/2021Irvine, CACA30+40+7v7
Washington State Senior Games 2021LINK07 (Jul)07/31/202108/01/2021Lacey, WAWA50+ 55+60+ 65+11v11 50+ 55+
8v8 60+ 65+
Orange County Summer Sizzler 2021LINK07 (Jul)07/xx/202107/xx/2021Los Alamitos, CACA30+40+50+, 57+6v6
Kick for a Cause 2022LINK07 (Jul)07/xx/202207/xx/2022Wallingford, CTCT40+50+11v11, 8v8
Beach Soccer Bash 2021LINK08 (Aug)08/07/202108/08/2021Virginia Beach, VAVA30+40+Beach
NTWSA Summer Sizzler 2021LINK08 (Aug)08/08/202108/08/2021Richardson, TXTX30+9v9
Greater Portland "Summer Legacy" 2021LINK08 (Aug)08/20/202108/22/2021Beaverton, OROR30+40+50+60+ 65+8v8
Points East 2021FB LINK08 (Aug)08/21/202108/21/2021Central Islip, Long Island, NYNY18+8v8
Golden Gate WSL Anne Wagner Tournament 2021LINK08 (Aug)08/29/202108/29/2021San Francisco, CACA35+50+7v7
Mayor's Gold Cup 2022LINK01 (Jan)01/13/202201/16/2022Honolulu, HIHI40+50+ 58+65+11v11
PWSL Summer Classic 2022LINK08 (Aug)08/xx/202208/xx/2022Escondido, CACA30+40+50+, 58+11v11
Zama Sports 2021 International Friendship CupFB LINK09 (Sep)09/04/20219/06/2021Irvine, CACA30+11v11
Barcelona Football 7s 2021 (18+ only for 2021)LINK09 (Sep)09/17/202109/19/2021Lloret de Mar, SpainSpain18+7v7
San Diego Senior Games 2021LINK09 (Sep)09/xx/20219/xx/2021San Diego, CACA50+60+, 65+11v11
Celebrate the TaTas Tournament of Champions 2021LINK10 (Oct)10/02/202110/03/2021Huntersville, NCNC18+8v8
Huntsman World Senior Games 2021LINK10 (Oct)10/14/202110/16/2021St. George, UTUT50+, 55+60+70+11v11
Encore Senior GamesLINK10 (Oct)10/16/202110/17/2021Palo Alto, CACA40+ 50+ 60+40+50+60+8v8
HWSA Oktoberfest 2021 (Houston Women's Soccer Association)LINK10 (Oct)10/23/202110/24/2021Houston, TXTX40+11v11
Los Muertos Puerto Vallarta 2021LINK10 (Oct)10/28/202111/1/2021Puerto Vallarta, MexicoMexico50+11v11, 8v8
Friendship Sports, Veterans Weekend 2021LINK11 (Nov)11/06/202111/07/2021Las Vegas, NVNV30+40+50+11v11
Mayor's Gold Cup 2022 Walking SoccerLINK01 (Jan)01/13/202201/16/2022Honolulu, HIHI35+40+50+60+11v11
International / World Masters Games 2022LINK05 (May)05/22/202205/29/2022Kansai, JapanJapan30+40+50+, 55+8v8
Prime of Life (POLWSL) Memorial Day Cup 2022LINK05 (May)05/28/202205/29/2022San Diego, CACA50+60+, 65+70+11v11, 8v8
Spain Futbol+Mujer (Futbol Mas Mujer) 2022LINK06 (Jun)06/23/202206/29/2022Jerez de la Frontera, SpainSpain35+40+50+60+ 65+11v11, 8v8
BC 55+ Games 2022LINK09 (Sep)09/13/20229/17/2022Greater VictoriaCanada55+7v7
WAGS Tournament Legacy DivisionsLINK10 (Oct)10/08/202210/09/2022Northern VAVA50+60+70+TBA
SALLY Games 2022LINK10 (Oct)10/xx/202210/xx/2022Sacramento, CACA30+40+50+60+11v11, 8v8
Carolinas State Cup 2021LINK12 (Dec)12/xx/202112/xx/2021Bermuda Run, NCNC30+40+50+ 55+11v11