Norway Trip for Soccer Women

Travel and PLAY with Soccer Women in the Lofoten Islands and major cities in Norway. We organize a fantastic and breathtaking adventure with global impact guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Scroll down to learn more about the 2020 trip itinerary and our 2018 trip.

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Summer 2020 – Two trips with overlapping days in Lofoten!

GROUP #1: July 30 to August 10

You’ll depart your home airport on Thursday, July 30th and arrive in Oslo on Friday, July 31st. We’ll take a bus or train from the airport to the hotel to check in and drop off our luggage. We’ll have dinner nearby and walk around Oslo. The next day, Saturday, August 2nd, we’ll catch a flight to Molde (1 hour) and then be driven to Sunndalsøra (1.25 hours) where we will check in to our hotel and get dinner. On Sunday and Monday, we will tour Sunndalsøra, where the famous Ada Hegerberg (and her family) grew up playing soccer! I am arranging a friendly game with women through a friend who grew up and played there. If we choose the cruise option, we’ll head back to Molde on Monday, August 3rd, to see the area and then board the 10:45pm ferry to head north. The first stop will be in Trondheim, from 10am to 1:15pm on August 4th — just enough time to rent bikes or walk around the city. We board the same ferry and sail overnight to arrive in Svolvaer, after a short stop in Bodo across from Lofoten, on Wednesday, August 5th at 9pm. The charter bus will pick us up and take us to our Airbnb homes to settle in for the next 4 days! From the 6th through the 8th, we’ll have three full days in the Lofoten Islands to explore, do activities, be taken on a soccer field tour, and play with local women at our ultimate destination, Henningsvaer Stadium! On August 9th or 10th, depending on final plans, we’ll ferry or fly out from Svolvaer to return to Oslo for flights home.

GROUP #2: August 04 to August 15 (primarily age 60+ players)

You’ll depart your home airport on Tuesday, August 4th and arrive in Oslo on Wednesday, August 5th. We’ll grab a meal at the airport, if needed, then check in for our flight to Svolvaer to meet up with Group 1. The charter bus will pick us up and take us to our Airbnb homes to settle in for the next 4 days! From the 6th through the 8th, we’ll have three full days in the Lofoten Islands to explore, do activities, be taken on a soccer field tour, and play with local women at our ultimate destination, Henningsvaer Stadium! On August 9th, we’ll board the ferry in Svolvaer at 8:15pm to start our southbound cruise to Bergen. On the first full sailing day, we’ll stop at five ports with the chance to disembark in Brønnøysund for a few hours. The next stop will be in Trondheim on Tuesday, August 11th for a morning visit. We continue south for another night and day to arrive at our final port, Bergen, at around 2:30pm on August 12th. We’ll head over to the hotel and spend some time touring Bergen. In the morning, we’ll take train to Myrdal to start our visit to the Flam Railway, the most scenic railway in the world. If we choose to, we can get some time out on the soccer field near there, then spend the night at a hotel in Flam. On the final full day in Norway, we’ll take the train back to Oslo, spend the night in Oslo and prepare for our flights home on Saturday, August 15th. 

We will play friendly age 30+ games at Henningsvaer Stadium in the Lofoten Islands. The itinerary is flexible for the group that attends. We make the arrangements for the hotels/fisherman’s cabins, private bus transportation, flights to/from Lofoten, soccer games, and help to select and reserve activities such as kayaking, boat fjord tours, fishing, biking, surfing horseback riding and hiking. Drone, video and still photography will be provided by Lofoten Photographer Ole Johan Wiik of Lofokus.

Group size may be limited to between 10 and 16. Questions? Contact Brandi using the form or by email to “”

Trip Costs:

  • Individual costs include:
    • Airfare to/from Oslo will depend on where you are located and when you purchase. We can help you figure out the best deal and times, and coordinate flights together, but you will pay the cost directly to the airline.
    • Flight between Oslo and Lofoten Islands.
    • Ferry and train travel between cities.
    • Car rental in Lofoten, if desired.
    • Hotel accommodations, when individual bookings make sense.
    • Meals.
    • Activities and excursions not booked through the group.
  • Group costs includes:
    • Private bus transportation throughout the trip.
    • Hotel/Home Rental Accommodations, when group booking offers benefits for us.
    • Activities and excursions booked as a group.
    • Drone/still photography while in Lofoten.
    • Team jerseys.
    • Team gift exchange with opponents.
    • All soccer events.
    • Travel planning fees.

In July 2018, a squad of recreational women’s soccer players – ranging in age from 41 to 77 – traveled on a nine-day trip to Norway.

LINK to our 2018 Trip INFORMATION: Press and Media / Player Page / Map and Itinerary

The San Diego Soccer Women team accepted an invitation to play friendly matches at the famous Henningsvaer Stadium in Lofoten Islands and at an exhibition event at Norway Cup in Oslo. The squad will meet with Norwegian government officials and United Nations representatives. As local ambassadors for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), #GlobalGoalsLocalLeaders, the nineteen athletes chose to highlight and raise awareness for three of the seventeen SDGs during their travel.

    • GOAL 3 | Good Health and Well-Being The physical, emotional and mental benefits of exercise
    • GOAL 5 | Gender Equality Equitable opportunities for women and girls worldwide
    • GOAL 10 | Reduced Inequalities Discrimination based on age, abilities, gender, marital and parental status, or sexual orientation.

Locally-supported by the United Nations Association of San Diego (UNA USA San Diego) for this initiative, the San Diego Soccer Women organization promotes soccer for age 30+ women year-round. Future participation is planned in the Global Goals World Cup in September 2018 and at Global Goals advocacy events during the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France. Follow the journey on their social media channels. The UNA USA San Diego, as well as FIFA, Girls Soccer Network and Goal Five broadcasted updates on social media.

As local partners with the San Diego Chapter of the United Nations, the team played for worldwide gender equality, health and wellness and inclusion.