Spain 2022 Women’s Tournament

Futbol Mas Mujer 2022 Women’s Recreational (Amateur) Soccer Tournament in Spain

PLAY in a NEW women’s recreational soccer tournament in Southern Spain next summer — organized by women who play and coach — for ages 35+, 40+, 50+ , 60+ and 65+ teams.  This will be an international tournament promoting gender equality, age empowerment and the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Age Divisions and Format

TOURNAMENT FORMAT: 11 v 11 and small-sided, FIFA regulations. professional referees, natural grass
AGE DIVISIONS: Age deadline is December 31st, 2022.
Ages 35+ 40+ 50+ competitive (11v11)
Age 50+ 60+ 65+ 70+ friendlies (7v7 or 8v8)
Two “gifts” per team of younger players within 2 years of minimum age (Example: An age 50+ division team can have 2 players ages 48 or 49 by December 31, 2022.)

GAME SCHEDULE is pending as we are trying to accomodate teams from around the world and different age groups on the three professional fields at the resort, one being slightly smaller than the other two. Please plan to arrive on Thursday and depart on Wednesday to play as much as possible if you are age 40+ or 50+.

TOTAL GAMES: Four (4) per team with one to two games per day. Additional games in playoffs and friendlies.

GAME LENGTH: 35-minute halves with 10-minute halftime. This may be adjusted by 5 minutes for some divisions, if it benefits the teams.

DOUBLE ROSTERING in another age division has been added to the registration form. We will create a duplicate registration for your 2nd team when it’s closer to the event.


Location: Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain (area information)
Hotel Resort Deportivo – Barcelo Montecastillo (Resort webpage)
Avenida de Montecastillo, Km. 6, 11400, Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain


Currencies will be converted at the exchange rate in effect at time of payment
6 Nights: $1,200 USD (995 euros) per player / $1,100 USD (925 euros) per non-player
4 Nights: 545 euros per player / 475 euros per non-player
3 Nights: 390 euros per player / 320 euros per non-player
2 Nights: 260 euros per player / 190 euros per non-player
Single room option adds $242 USD (202 euros) to full stay price

CHILDREN AGES 2 to UNDER 12 are 50% of the non-player registration fee ($550 USD) for the 6-night total stay with meals. (Children 12 through 18 are charged the standard non-player rate. Infants ages 0 to 2 are free.)

PARTIAL STAYS (fewer than 6 nights) are primarily for age 50+ beginners, 60+ and 65+ players, and the teams traveling from within Europe who will come to participate for the weekend (Thursday through Sunday). Age 40+ and 50+ teams who leave Sunday or Monday will be part of pool play, then the remaining full-stay teams will compete in semi-finals and finals.

ADDING NIGHTS to your stay before and/or after the tournament is available. We are working with the resort on the cost for this. Please contact us if you are interested.

BED SIZES in rooms are generally two double beds that can be converted into one king-size bed. 

UPGRADES to VILLAS will be available to families and groups for an additional cost. We will send information to those who have selected this option in the registration form. One villa will be available to each team manager with priority given to full-stay teams (6 nights).

Accommodations – Double room for every 2 to 3 players AND a 2-bedroom villa for each team manager (sleeps 3 to 4 players). Cost is the same per person regardless of number of guests per room.
Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in our own meeting space at the resort. Dietary needs will be accommodated.
Facilities – Laundry, Saunas, Pool, Spa, Cold Thermal Bath, Tennis Courts, Soccer Fields
Activities – Opening and Closing Ceremonies with Appetizers and Drinks
Laundry – Twice daily per person
Wi-Fi throughout resort
Discounts at the Resort Spa (-10%) and Golf Course (Green Fee 40 euros/18 holes + 18 euros/golf cart)

DEPOSIT PAYMENTS are submitted on our website at You’ll see deposit options for full stays, partial stays, children and non-resort players. Make sure to add the $60 Deposit #1 along with Deposit #2 to your cart..

Payment Schedule for Full Stays:
1st Payment: $60 USD at time of registration
2nd Payment: $440 USD by November 30, 2021 (or $500 if this is the first payment)
3rd Payment: $350 USD by February 01, 2022 (or $850 + $60 fee if this is the first payment)
Final Payment for Players: $350 USD by March 01, 2022 (or $1,200 + $60 fee if this is the first payment)
Final Payment for Non-players: $250 USD by March 01, 2022 (or $1,100 + $60 fee if this is the first payment)

Payment Schedule for Partial Stays:
1st Payment: $60 USD at time of registration
2nd Payment: $140 USD (was due November 30, 2021)
Final Payment for Players and Non-Players: Balance due by March 01, 2022

Payment Schedule for Children (ages 2 to 12):
1st Payment: $60 USD at time of registration
2nd Payment: $160 USD (was due November 30, 2021)
Final Payment for Children: Balance $330 due by March 01, 2022

TOURNAMENT FEE ONLY (No Resort Room or Food): 130 euros / $150 USD. This will cover the cost of our insurance, field rental, referees, the gift bag and water provided by the resort. Make sure to calculate the cost of the alternative accommodations along with car rental, gas, resort use fees (pools, sauna, spa, laundry), and meals on your own. This option has been added to the registration page and the payment site.

Itinerary (pending game scheduling)

Thursday, June 23 to Wednesday, June 29 (6 nights)

A TRAVEL AGENT in Seville, Spain is available for group travel and tour arrangements for players. Please make sure to update your local airport and travel dates on the tournament registration page so that we can communicate that information to them. Click the button below to submit a request to agency owner Sarah Gemba with Spain Savvy Travel. She can also be reached by email at and online at

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Deposit Payment Website:

Registration Site:
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Social Media Links:
Facebook (@Futbol Mas Mujer)
Instagram (@futbolmasmujer)
Facebook Group
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Cancellation Policy


  1. If the organizer –FÚTBOL+MUJER– cancels the event at any time, the deposit paid will be refunded in full.
  2. If the participant cancels his/her/their reservation on or before December 15, 2021 (midnight PST/PDT), the deposit paid will be refunded in full.
  3. If the participant cancels his/her/their reservation between December 16, 2021 and February 27, 2022, a $60 USD (50 euro) administrative fee will be charged and the remaining balance will be refunded.
  4. If the participant cancels his/her/their reservation on or after February 28, 2021 (midnight PST/PDT), the deposit will have already been committed to the resort and will no longer be refundable.
  5. If the event is cancelled by force majeure, the organizer –FÚTBOL+MUJER– will refund the deposits of the participants in full. Force majeure means any unforeseeable and exceptional event, and unavoidable, unrelated to the will of the participants and the organizer –FÚTBOL+MUJER– that prevented any of them from fulfilling the obligations arising from the conditions of participation and organization respectively. For clarification purposes, a case of force majeure shall include an outbreak of an infectious illness or pandemic, such as COVID-19, which would lead to the following circumstances:
    • A competent municipal, regional or state public health or governing authority declares or confirms the existence of the outbreak in the municipality or locality where the hotel establishment is located and as a consequence cannot guarantee sufficient staff and other working personnel to be available because of contagion prevention.
    • A competent municipal, regional or state public health or governing authority declares or confirms the existence of the outbreak in the municipality or locality where the event is to be held.
    • A competent municipal, regional or state public health or governing authority declares or confirms that participants cannot travel out of their country of residence and/or to the municipality or locality where the event is to be held.

The Organizers

Co-Founders: Mary Hidalgo Aleu and Amalia Revuelta Candón are the organizers in Cadiz, Spain. Mary played age 40+ and 50+ recreational soccer in Orange County, California before moving back to Spain and has traveled to tournaments around the world, including the International Masters Games. She coaches a girls soccer team near her home.
Amalia is a sports psychologist, trainer, speaker and author of “El Cerebro Decide” (“The Brain Decides”) about training the mind of an athlete.

Goals: Create an annual event for women to play the sport they love in a region that values sport and healthy lifestyle. Connect an international community of amateur women’s soccer players. Increase the visibility of older female athletes from around the world.


Q. Will COVID-19 vaccinations be required?
– We will follow all government recommendations at the time.

Q. How will the 2-bedroom villas be filled, per team? Can significant others and/or kids stay in the villas?
– We would offer the 2 bedroom villas to the team manager, for them to work out the occupancy. Supporters, significant others and family members can stay there. We will offer additional villas on a first come first served basis.

Q. Will there be any additional trips/tours offered?
– Yes! We will offer several tours/trips in the region. These will be optional and at an additional cost, paid directly to the venue. Examples: Wine tasting, nature walks and hikes, beaches, kayaking, horseback riding and horse stable visit, caves, historic towns, olive farm tour and olive oil tasting, flamenco dancing, castles, cathedrals and bird experiences.

Q. Can games be 45-minute halves with 1 game per day or 25/30-minute halves with 2 games per day?
– We are reviewing the field schedule for these options.

Q. What is the age deadline?
– Players will need to meet the minimum age for their division by December 31, 2022.

Q. How can age 60+/65+ and beginner/less experienced players join the trip?
– Based on total participation in this category, we will schedule to use the 7v7 field for friendly games and scrimmages for women in these age and level categories.

Q. Will there be a cut-off date for players to sign up? If they sign up later, after initial deposit time, do they just pay when they sign up ?
– Registration will be open until all space is filled.

Q. Do teams register or individual players?
– Individual players should register and indicate their team name and/or team manager. Players without teams should select the option that they are “looking for a team.”

Q. How and when will players be matched with teams?
– We will use a combination of direct email, our Facebook Group and our websites to connect teams and players. This will start after we determine the first deposit schedule.

Q. Is there a rate for families and friends?
– Pricing is 925 Euros per non-player/supporter. This can be a friend, partner, adult child, parent, other family member, coach, team manager or teammate who isn’t able to play. The rate includes the same accommodations, meals and facility access as players.

Q. Are vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan meals available?
– Yes, the resort is prepared to serve delicious meals to all guests with dietary guidelines.