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2019 Festival of Football Ambassador – Brandi Mitchell!

Published November 13, 2018 by Equal Playing Field Initiative, Australia

Meet Equal Playing Field Ambassador, Brandi Mitchell!

We are beyond excited to introduce one of our inspiring ambassadors and heroes, Brandi Mitchell! Brandi is the founder of San Diego Soccer Women, which is an organization that connects women age 30+ in local Southern California to play football together. In July 2018 she collected 19 women to travel to Norway to play on the most beautiful pitch in the world and partnered with the San Diego Chapter of the United Nations to play for worldwide gender equality, health and wellness and inclusion. Brandi mentioned:
 “It was during this time that I realized the impact a strong group of soccer women can have in terms of gender issues and decided to get involved with Equal Playing Field. They provide a great platform to connect women globally to play football and to start conversations about gender equality.” 

Brandi has helped us out tremendously by securing travel packages and by sharing her passion for football and gender equality with us during the development of our new World Record. Photo Credit: Collective SD Author: Jieke Stroobant

Festival of Football

The 2019 Festival of Football is a 5-day event centered around a marathon, Guinness World Record-breaking soccer game. The festival will take place in Lyon, France from June 27th-July 1st, 2019. More info…

The Equal Playing Field organization is a “not-for-profit organisation dedicated to challenging the gender inequalities that exist in sport.
“In 2017 we demanded respect for our highest altitude Guinness World Record. In Jordan, we ran football camps for hundreds of girls in Jordan, providing an opportunity to play for the first time.”