Festival of Football 2019 Women’s World Cup France

Join up with Equal Playing Field Initiative for a Festival of Football in Lyon, France to celebrate women and girls in soccer! A World Record match will take place in July in Lyon, France 27 June to 01 July during the FIFA’s Women’s World Cup.

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The match will be part of a wider Festival of Football with tournaments, workshops on gender equality in sport, training opportunities and a film festival.

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We are looking for 3500 players, from every corner of the world to help us break a football World Record in France 2019. We encourage amateurs and professionals alike. We will try to make sure that the game is fairly matched as it goes on, phasing in and out players of different skillsets throughout to make it a good match!

We will play a regular game of 11-a side football on a full-size pitch. However, the game only ends when teams run out of substitutes. To be counted, every player needs to play at least 10 minutes and touch the ball at least once. The game runs non-stop – including through the night. If 3500 players join us in France next year, we estimate the game will last about 5-6 days.