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Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, Teammates, Neighbors and New Fans: We would LOVE your support in our effort to increase awareness of senior women athletes and of the United Nations Global Goals of gender equality (Goal 5), inclusion (Goal 10), and health and wellness (Goal 3). Fundraising will offset player trip costs and can also be designated to help with the beautiful photography and marketing needed for worldwide media coverage. We are offering a thank you gift with each $20 or larger fundraising contribution–such as a photo print of our squad on the *most awesome field* or another customized souvenir. We thank you in advance for following and sharing our story on social media! -The San Diego Soccer Women Global Goals Team in Norway 2018



Helen Leeds Player Profile

Player profile for the Norway 2018 Global Goals Senior Women's Soccer Trip
Helen Leeds
Your age as of July 22, 201867
Where did you grow up (city/state/country, ages 5-18)?Norwalk, Ca. USA
At what age did you FIRST start playing soccer?30
Briefly describe your soccer experience as a child (types of leagues, how often you played)Started playing at 30, in an adult women league and tournaments until age 40. Then at 66 started again and play in tournaments in age brackets from 50-65
Did you play soccer in college? If no, enter "no." If yes, enter the name of the school.no
Did you stop playing soccer at a particular age? Briefly explain.Stopped at age 40 due to medical circumstances. Returned at 66
At what age did you FIRST start playing ADULT soccer?30
Briefly describe your adult soccer experience.Ten years (30-40) and retarted at 66. Total of 11 years
How did you hear about a women's soccer league in your area? What made you decide to play women's soccer?At 30, was playing softball and a few ladies mentioned there was a soccer league in the next City. So a few of us went to see what it was about and rest was history. Switched from softball to soccer. Then, at 65, attended a tournament my 45 year old daughter played in and noticed older players playing on other fields. So I got back in shape and signed up on a free agent list for the next tournament in my age bracket. Now I play with the same ladies in various tournaments about 4 times a year. There are no local leagues in my area.
What are the names of the leagues you play in and how often do you play each week in those leagues?Played in the Diamond Bar, Ca. adult women's soccer league for 10 years in the 80's. Now I play in tournaments about 4-6 times per year.
Do you participate in tournaments? If yes, which ones and how often? If not, explain why.Friendship tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada, and tournaments in San Diego, Ca.
What is your most memorable moment as a woman soccer player?Playing in a tournament with my daughter in a tournament this year. Scoring the first Penalty kick in a playoff, and my daughter scoring the last one for the win. Priceless.
Besides being a player, how have you been involved in youth and/or adult soccer, either personally or professionally? Examples include coaching, referee work and organizing or managing a league.Haven't been involved but helping plan a first women's tournament in my hometown, Bullhead City, AZ/Laughlin, NV with my daughter to take place this year.
If you have a child/children, did/do s/he/they play soccer?My daugther @ 47, my grandson @10, and my great grandson, @ 6
If you have a partner, did/does s/he play adult soccer?No.
How has playing adult soccer changed your life, whether on a small scale or in a more powerful way?Playing soccer again at this age has made me feel healthy and kept me in shape to do other physical things that I was able to do when I was younger and still able to do at this age.
Think about the community of women in soccer. How have the women you've met affected your life? Have you made long-term friends? Met your partner? Celebrated together? Lost teammates over time?I have made new friends on and off the field. I always look forward to seeing everyone and enjoy the whole atmosphere of being at a soccer tournament before, during, and after the games.
Did you have female athlete role models in your life as a young person? If not, did you have male athlete role models? Who were those people, whether specific to you or famous for their sports?Not really. But I always have admired athletes that were 'naturals' and 'gifted' in their sport.
Did you have any challenges gaining access to soccer (or sports in general) at any point in your life because of being female? For any other reason?Sure. In the 60's women in female sports was a small group. I used to play softball and after 18 would have to go to other cities to find a league to play in. Soccer was not a sport that women played. So glad I found it at 30 and there were others that were interested to start up a league and play tournaments. So switched from softball leagues to soccer leagues.
Did you have any women in your life who played recreational soccer? If yes, who?Began in the 80s when a group of friends decided to join a recreational league in between taking our own kids to their soccer games. You could say we turned from 'soccer mom's' to also 'soccer players'.
When thinking about the Global Goals listed above, which one means the most to you and why?Health and well-being. Because in order to continue to play at my age, I go to the gym three times a week, eat healthier, and reduce stress by staying active. Because I believe you need to stay healthy to enjoy your later years for years to come. Plus, I like how my children are proud of me for getting in shape and enjoying life.
What are example of ways that you make an effort to support any/all of these Global Goals in your everyday life, whether personally or professionally?Being a good example for my children, grandchildren, and great grandson by staying healthy and active, endorsing their male and female activities and supporting them if they encounter any inequality by reminding them how it used to be unequal more so in my day back in the 60's.
What are you most excited about for this trip?Meeting other players and exchanging experiences on and off the field.
What are you most concerned about for this trip?Safety.

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