Global Soccer Women Age 30+

Women are playing recreational, casual and amateur soccer around the world. With the growth in social media, we’ve been able to connect with small groups of players and leagues outside of the United States. Here are a few we’ve met!

Footeuses à tout âge : FRANCE

“To face the team of South African “grandmothers,” Sénioriales retirement home leadership had the idea of ​​recruiting and building the French team from among the inhabitants of its residences. Beyond the sporting challenge, it is the unique human adventure that inspired the candidates.
Recruitment begins with a notice in La Pipelette, Sénioriales’ little news newspaper!
“Did you know that the Women’s Football World Cup will take place in France from June 7 to July 7, 2019? On this occasion, Sénioriales is looking for motivated grandmothers to form its very first senior women’s football team! will meet for a day of coaching and practice together. The aim will be to play against a senior South African women’s team in a charity match in June.”

Motivated, dynamic and courageous, they are 18 amateur footballers to be selected. Twelve of them took part in the initial gathering which took place at the Senior Residence in Saint-Mandé from May 20 to 22, 2019.
After visiting the Stade de France, they participated in their first joint training
at the Stade Remond-Rousseau in Coubron (Seine-Saint-Denis) with Philippe Delpech, former coach of Levallois. For 90 minutes, the coach provides technical advice to these incredible players who, for the vast majority, were discovering the ball for the first time.”

News articles: Oct 22 2019, Aug 22, 2020